Flaps Envelopes are a leading UK based company specialising in the design and printing of envelopes. Established for over 40 years we have worked with a range of diverse clients from Jack Daniels to the Royal Shakespeare Company helping them to create envelopes which make an impact. Over the years we have worked closely with blue chip organisations, major brands and SMEs and turned design ideas into direct mail reality.

Direct mail is a much underestimated way of making a strong impression with your clients, both old and new. In today’s digital age the most obvious form of communication is through email. Unfortunately we receive so many emails these days that the impression they leave isn’t a long lasting one. Direct Mail however does make an impact. It’s unusual now to receive a personally addressed letter in an envelope and when we do receive one, it creates a response. If that letter comes in an unusual, thought-provoking and well designed envelope the response is ten fold!

  • At Flaps Envelopes we take printing envelopes seriously. Our envelope production techniques and printing capacity has made us one of the most respected envelope printers in the country.

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This is where Flaps Envelopes excel. We are experts in the following types of envelopes:

The finishing touch to any direct mail activity you do is a high quality envelope and we can supply them completely tailored to your requirements!


Benefits of special business envelopes

The benefits of using special business envelopes are numerous and include: - Demonstrating the creativity of your company - Emphasizing your brand - They are eye-catching and memorable - They help raise awareness and carry your business message - They make you stand out from the crowd - They give you increased visibility

We work with printers, stationers, advertising agencies and design houses that often require something 'unique or unusual'. Whether your business is looking for something different or you just need a regular supply of plain envelopes then we can help.


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