At this point we made the decision to sell the flat sheet side of the business and focus our expertise solely on the printing of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke envelopes all printed to the clients’ own unique and exacting design... and we’ve been doing that with great success ever since!

Since the 1960s we have seen massive changes in the printing industry and Flaps Envelopes have kept abreast of all the technological changes and trends which have impacted on the industry.

Today we are proud to say that we are one of the leading envelope printers in the country and nothing fazes us! We have worked on a huge range of unique and complex envelope designs for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from leading brands to sole traders. Any design, size, material or quantity no matter how small, hand or machine made, Flaps can create them for you!

Examples of what we can supply:

  • Print 1 to 4 colours onto any size or quantity required from 1000 upwards
  • Print on metallic or transparent envelopes
  • Foil Blocking or Blind Embossing
  • Special Effect Envelopes – wood, stone, grass and starburst to name just a few!


Over the last 40 years Flaps Envelopes has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of our creations, the vast stocks of ‘off the shelf’ sizes, colours and quality envelopes at our disposal, our fast turnaround, and last but not least, our great prices!

We can even offer a personalisation/fulfilment service if required. Please get in touch and see if we can help.


  • At Flaps Envelopes we take printing envelopes seriously. Our envelope production techniques and printing capacity has made us one of the most respected envelope printers in the country.

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