Marketing in the digital world is all about personalisation. Consumers are savvier these days and they expect a service that is tailored to their needs and that speaks to them directly. This is just as important in the direct mail world and the more you can personalise the whole experience, the better the results will be.

At Flaps Envelopes we can supply envelopes printed with individual names and addresses. We can also insert items into your envelopes and arrange for them to be mailed.

We can make your envelopes more personalised than ever before and get your message in front of your customers as soon as they have the envelope in their hand. Nobody wants to receive mail addressed to the ‘home owner’ or ‘the resident of’. If a business can’t take the trouble to find out who they are posting to then the chances are that the content of the mail will not be relevant either. More often than not mail like this gets consigned to the bin without even being opened!

At Flaps we have many years experience in creating personalised envelopes that increase the chances of your mail being opened significantly. Give us a call and we’ll show you how.


Some examples of our work, or click here to view gallery